Friday, July 11, 2014

Chambray, Pink and Polka Dot Nails (and Paddleboarding!)

Whoooo guys, is my body stiff today. Yesterday after work, for the first time ever, I went stand-up paddleboarding - a very popular thing to do around Vancouver's English Bay. Despite it being a breezy day with choppy waters, we rented paddleboards right from Kitsilano Beach (it was $22.50 each, for 1 hour) and headed out into the Bay!

Standing up on the paddleboard (or should I say, remaining standing on the paddleboard) was tricky, and I can only assume made trickier by the fact that the water was so wavy. That is to say, there was definitely more kneeling than standing going on - at least on my board. David somehow took to it like a freaking Hawaiian. It was like he'd done it a million times before! (He hadn't. Ever.)

Anyway, even from the kneeling position, paddleboarding was a great workout - both in the core and in the quads. And despite falling off the board many times (and probably accruing a handful of new bruises), it was still a lot of fun and I hope to do it again!

Paddleboarding in English Bay, Vancouver
.  look at me go!  .

So (unintentionally) following the aquatic theme, today's nails were inspired by an outfit I found while reading some blogs yesterday afternoon. Alison from Get Your Pretty On was wearing a delightfully summery pair of white shorts with a cute whale print, paired with a bubble gum pink top and a chambray button-up. Since I was on the hunt for something to inspire me for this week's nail polish post anyway, Alison's outfit jumped out at me as something to translate onto my nails.

... But as much as I would have loved to make a bunch of tiny whales on my accent nail, it was obvious after a few practice rounds on paper that it wasn't in the cards for me. A master nail artiste, I am not. A pretty good polka dotter, however... well that I am. #IfIDoSaySoMyself. (I even wrote a blog all about How to Make Perfect Polka Dots!)

Cue the polka dots! Maybe if I make them really good, you guys will forgive them for not being whales. But really though, when you think about it, we're supposed to be saving the whales. Not splashing them across our nails. So. I win.

Nail polish, blue, pink, blue polka dots

Chambray shirt, pink shirt, white shorts with blue whales, Alison from Get Your Pretty On
.  alison's original outfit  .
.  source  .

Nails inspired by an outfit

For polishes I used Milani - Tip Toe Pink, Sinful Colors - Snow Me White, Wet 'n Wild - Rain Check, and Love & Beauty - Navy.

Milani - Tip Toe Pink, Sinful Colors - Snow Me White, Wet 'n Wild - Rain Check, and Love & Beauty - Navy, nail polish

Blue and pink nails with polka dot accent nail

On my left hand I did 2 coats of Rain Check on my pinky, pointer and thumb nail; 2 coats of Tip Toe Pink on my middle finger; and 2 coats of Snow Me White on my ring finger. Then I used my dotting tool to add Navy polka dots to my ring.  On my right hand, I switched the colors a bit so that my pinky, pointer and thumb were pink and my middle finger was blue.

akaBailey, Blue and pink nails with polka dot accent nail

Blue nails with pink and polka dot accent nails

Whatcha got on your nails today?
Has anyone else tried paddleboarding?
What do YOU want to try for the firs time this summer?


  1. You are just the coolest!
    I've always wanted to paddle board, but have never gotten around to it :-/
    Love the nails :)

  2. Your nails are super cute!! I want to try paddle boarding. Looks fun.

  3. Those shorts are just the cutest!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. Super cute nails, Mine wouldnt look like that if I tried to do it. Paddleboarding looks like fun,
    CO-HOST of the link up, jess
    Please stop by

    1. Thanks Jessica! Practice makes perfect ;) Paddleboarding was SO much fun, but I am one sore mama today.

  5. Very pretty. I'd be so chicken to go paddle boarding. I don't swim, so I think I'd be nervous.

    1. I'm not a fantastic swimmer, but I do tend to be afraid of "things" in the water. Surprisingly I wasn't too nervous this time!

  6. love those shorts! and the polka dot nail.
    there are so many groupons for paddle boarding in vancouver. but i never bothered to go :( i should have while i had the chance. SO...i just got another work contract in vancouver for another 9 months..i guess it'll still be a while till i get home.
    A Beautiful Zen

    1. Seriously cute shorts! And you've GOT to try paddleboarding - Groupon or not!

  7. Paddleboarding is so fun!! My bf and I did it in Hawaii earlier this year and it was such a great experience.

  8. Hello!

    Cute nails! I love your designs too! Cute shorts also! I've never been paddleboarding, but it looks fun.

    Lillies & Silk

  9. So cute! And way to paddle board! I've wanted to try that FOREVER! I prefer working out where it's more like "SURPRISE! You're having fun and this is ALSO exercise!" Haha!

    You picked some great colours, that's for sure! And I love the little whale print on your inspiration shorts! DO WHALES NEXT! Haha!


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