Monday, July 7, 2014

Amateur Photography Is My Happy Place

These days I find myself going outside with the distinct purpose of taking photos of things. It appears that "photography" - rudimentary though mine is - has officially become one of my hobbies. I'm cool with that, but won't be referring to myself as a "photographer" any time soon.

That said, I hope you'll indulge me in my efforts to improve my photo game by checking out what ya girl has been snappin' lately. I take my camera with me almost everywhere - from my own home to the beach to restaurants to walks. Behold:

Spiders love my porch. LOVE it. I knock down spider webs almost everyday (it's necessary, or else I literally could never go out onto my porch in the warm months), but they rebuild every single time. Resilient little mofos. 

Spider web on my porch

I spotted these three amigos walking together on the lawn at Kits Beach, 
looking like they were off to an afternoon friendship gigglefest:

Three friends walking on the lawn at Kits Beach in Vancouver
 Look what I found reflecting in my iPod:

Ivy creeping up a tree: 

My friends and family back east have a hard time wrapping their heads around the fact that it's palm-tree climate here in Vancouver. They think "Canada" and they think "Arctic snow."

The rain makes all the green things so green...

Pretty things can still have spikes:

People keep such beautiful gardens around here.   No wonder I like walking around and taking pictures so much! I spotted this colorful pot of flowers from about 100 yards away, and made a bee-line for it:

Purple and pink flowers

Fluorescent flowers

Look at this little guy, nestled into a wall of greenery:

Potted red roses against a wall of greenery

Potted red roses against a wall of greenery

I know this looks like lavender, but I'm not positive that it is lavender. What do you guys think?

Lavender plants in Vancouver

Telephone poll in the city = urban bulletin board.

Telephone poll covered with staples, nestled between two green hedges

Telephone poll covered with staples beside a green hedge

Stoppin' to smell zee roses:

Fuchsia roses in Vancouver

Seeing bundles of pretty colors all juxtaposed makes me feel happy... 
fuchsia, purple, lavender, violet, mint, green, sage, lime:

Fuchsia, green, mint, sage, lavender, purple, violet, lime, plants and flowers in Vancouver

These roses look like they are ready to be painted red, don't they?

Beautiful white roses growing in Vancouver
Flowers and green leaves against a tin shed:

Flowers and green leaves against a tin shed:

Hopefully you aren't all getting sick of seeing pictures of flowers on my blog. There are just so many gorgeous ones around here that you don't see back east. I want to appreciate them all while I still can!

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  1. Ugh, these are all SO pretty!!! You're so talented, girlfriend!


  2. Beautiful pictures. You are so talented!


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