Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Enjoying Kitsilano Beach on a Clear Vancouver Night

Have I mentioned that my apartment here in Vancouver is less than 2 blocks from a large, beautiful beach that offers stunning views of both the mountains and the city skyline? BECAUSE IT IS.

Kitsilano Beach is going to be so freaking awesome this summer, I can't even stand it. Even though our neighborhood is definitely going to become jam-packed with people very soon, the thought of heading down to the beach every afternoon after work and kicking off my sandals and sprawling out on the warm sand is effing awesome.

In the meantime, Kitsilano Beach has been good to us this past fall, winter, and now spring. Here are some pictures I took a few weeks ago while walking around the beach on a beautiful, clear, very-late-winter evening:

kitsilano beach vancouver
.  looking northeast towards the city  .
tankers and ducks in english bay vancouver
.  tankers and ducks in english bay  .
kitsilano beach at night, vancouver

clear blue night sky, vancouver

clear blue night sky in vancouver
.  stars in the sky  .
clear blue starry night in vancouver
.  sky so blue  .
Walking up the hill for a few blocks towards 4th Ave offers a view of the city and mountains from a higher vantage point:

night view of downtown vancouver from kitsilano
.  mt. seymour skiing trails in the upper right  .
night view of downtown vancouver from kitsilano hill

 The weather here is perfect... when it's not raining ;)  Come visit!

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  1. Great pictures Bailey! Being so close to the beach will be even MORE awesome in a month or two!!

  2. LUCKY girl! What a perfect place to live. I have the landlocked blues bad. I already miss the beach and I just got home haha. Gorgeous photos!

  3. what a beautiful place to be! Stunning photos!

  4. I've always wanted to visit. These photos are simply amazing!!

  5. Wow. These pictures are stunning. I'm dying to visit there.

    I would love for you to stop by my blog and enter my latest giveaway. I will be picking 3 winners.

  6. That is really pretty. I love the beach with the mountains in the back and everything... wow. :)


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