Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Springtime Nail Goodies!

I've been accumulating lots of new nail goodies over the last several weeks, including new polishes as well as some tools to help me take better care of my nails, cuticles and hands - you know, so my shit doesn't look wicked busted when I take all these close-up pictures and post them on the internet.

Here's what I've been accumulating:

This little lady and gent - Rimmel's Lasting finish Pro #332 Baby Pink and #290 Crushed Pearl:

rimmel baby pink and crushed pearl nail polish
.  on sizaaaaaaale! $2.99!  .

If you couldn't tell, they are each quite aptly named. Here is a close-up of Crushed Pearl:
rimmel london crushed pearl nail polish
.  crushin it  .
From Forever21's Love & Beauty brand I snagged zeeeese PYT's -
White Crystal, Pink Icing, and Bronze (which is really a perfect rose gold color, #IFYOUASKME):

love and beauty nail polishes

forever21 love and beauty nail polishes

This is a mattifying top coat from Revlon that I haven't tried out yet:
revlon matte top coat

This shit is supposed to soften my cuticles... I've used it several times now and I can't say for sure that it does a single thing. But I'm probably going to keep using it.
revlon cuticle softener

This is also supposed to do something gewd for me cuticles. I've used it once, and it's a very strange waxy texture - not at all the texture that I'd imagine a "cream" to be. Its waxiness made it kind of difficult to work it into my cuticles, but maybe it will improve the more I use it.
sally hansen cuticle massage cream

This is probably one of the best products to own if you keep a nail polish blog - 100% Pure Acetone. This stuff cuts through nail polish like #WHOA. Seriously way faster than regular nail polish remover. In fact, pure acetone makes nail polish remover look like a little bitch. Yeah, I said it.
100% pure acetone

You're not going to want to use pure acetone all over your fingers or anything - it's pretty bad for your skin - but it's perfect for spot cleanup around the cuticles. In case you were curious, I started using a tiny little angled paint brush dipped into acetone to clean up around the edges and it's been working pretty well! #GetSome.

I've also been using the shit out of Aveeno's Intense Relief Hand Cream, which is affordable, feels great, and isn't greasy. Holla!

Those are all my current goodies. Do you have a favorite nail tool or cuticle treatment? I'd love to hear them!

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