Friday, April 26, 2013

Mint & Neon Nails

I follow a lot of fashion blogs - not exactly because I'm a fashionista (I'm not) but because it stimulates my creativity to see people (specifically people who know what they're doing) put together awesome outfits. Colors, patterns, textures - they can be a bit of a puzzle. So when a fashion-savvy blogger manages to fit the pieces together perfectly, in a way that I definitely wouldn't have thought of, I often start thinking about how those same ideas could be translated into a paper collage or a nail polish look or (if the correct pieces happen to be in my closet) even an outfit for myself!

There is a new blogger who has recently been added to my list of to-reads and she is a tiny little 13-year-old fashion blogger named Sloane. She is way cooler than I am, for sure. And DEFINITELY cooler than I was at 13. She's like a pint-size, pre-pubescent, female Hugh Hefner. Minus the whores. Seriously she looks like she's living the high life. Her blog is called Sailing the Sea of Style if you fancy a gander at it.

A few weeks back, Sloane posted a picture of an outfit that used mint and neon greenish-yellow together, and I loved the way it looked. More so the color combo than the outfit itself but that's ok since, as I mentioned, there are all sorts of good reasons to enjoy a fashion blog, beyond just getting outfit ideas.

Here's Sloane's outfit:
sailing the sea of style mint and neon outfit
.  pic from sailingtheseaofstyle  .
.  i want to totally mug her for that clutch, btw  .
Here's how I used the outfit as inspiration for a mint and neon mani:

mint and neon nails

I really like the way the neon pops against the mint. It's a color combination that probably never would have occurred to me, and it will almost certainly turn up again on my nails in the future!

mint and neon nail polish

The colors I used were Sunshine from Claire's (don't judge) and Mint from Forever21's Love & Beauty line. The mint was almost opaque after just one coat, but I added another coat for good measure. AND would you like to know a secret? There is one coat of white polish beneath those 2 coats of neon on my ring finger. That's why the color payoff is so vibrant! #Tricks. #TellYaMothah.

What do you think of this color combination? If you try it out yourself, tweet me a pic at @akaBailey!

Here are a few other ways that I've gotten unusual inspiration for manis in the past:
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  1. Love the color combo! I don't think I could ever pull it off myself - I'm just starting to get a little braver with non-pale-pink color choices ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Seriously - I can't believe it came from Claire's and is actually a decent polish!

  3. Super cute colour combo! I love them!

  4. What an awesome color combo! Love her outfit and how you translated it to some super cute polish.


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