Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Not A Bad Day for the Vancouver Sun Run

On Sunday Vancouver hosted its annual Sun Run, a 10k race that I'm told is the largest 10k race in Canada. It sure freaking was large - there were way more people running than I would have expected. The weather that day couldn't decide if it wanted to be rainy or sunny, but I managed to head outside during one of the sunny periods to grab some on-the-go breakfast and snap some pictures.

This is the kind of day it was, while the sun was shining:

As I headed east on Cornwall Ave, approaching Burrard St., I could see hoards and hoards of people running over the Burrard Bridge and heading south on Burrard.

Traffic was blocked off on the entire bridge, so the whole width of the bridge was filled with people running and walking. I really had NO idea that so many people would be participating in the Sun Run!! There were runners/walkers as far as the eye could see in each direction.

.  view of the mountains (back) and city (middle)  .
.  tiny view of Sun Run runners on pacific ave (bottom)  .

.  view heading south on burrard bridge  .
.  molson factory in upper left  .
This guy was awesome. He was hanging out on the east sidewalk of the Burrard Bridge, cheering on runners and holding a poster that reads HIGH FIVE STATION. I knew it was written in letters that were too thin to show up in a picture from across the street, but I needed to capture it anyway!

While I was hanging out on the bridge I glanced over towards the English Bay and noticed two bald eagles chilling in the branches of my favorite tree:

Heading back towards home, I couldn't resist stopping to admire a particular stretch of cherry blossom trees at the corners of Cornwall and Burrard:

Then I stood under it and shit got weird for a little while: 

Here are some other pretty things I saw while walking home:

This is the entire Sun Run 10K race course - it goes all around the city, through a little bit of Stanley Park, across the Burrard Bridge, around a stretch of the southern portion of False Creek, north over the Cambie Bridge, concluding at BC Place Stadium:

Not too long after I took these pictures, it began to rain - as it does around here. But I bet no one running the race minded ;)

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  1. What a pretty day! I would love to visit Vancouver sometime. :)

  2. Yal are further into Spring than we are!! Everything is beautiful! Fun day!


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