Friday, April 12, 2013

Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow Review

Mellow my ass! You tell me what is mellow about spending 5 hours painting your G.D. nails because the polish is so streaky that it requires FOUR FREAKING COATS before it settles down??


I'd have rather been out in the sunshine enjoying the spring season that inspires these cursed pastels than inside battling with this polish under a desk lamp. That's for freaking sure.

So, that said... um... Here's a super cheerful nail polish color I picked up recently!!


It's Sally Hansen's Mellow Yellow from their Hard As Nails XTreme Wear line.

I've now got several polishes from this line, including 3 pastels. The colors are all beautiful but the pastels streak soooooo muuuchhhhh. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Just kidding, I'll make time for that. I really like painting my nails and Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear polishes seem to be perpetually on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for $3.99... which is the cheapest I can find nail polish for around here in these mean Canadian streets. I miss the days of paying $1.99 for a bottle of Sinful Colors at Target in the U.S (they're $5.99 each here in Vancouver). And what I wouldn't give to NOT see a $10.99 price tag staring back at me from the Essie polish rack... Le sigh.

Here's what I got after the first coat of this ALLEGEDLY "Mellow" Yellow:
Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow Swatch, first coat
.  this doesn't make me feel even remotely mellow  .
And the second...

Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow Swatch, second coat, aka Bailey
.  makes me want to cut a bitch  .
And I must have blacked out and skipped taking pictures for the third coat.. sorry. Here's the fourth coat - and the point at which I finally said, "ENOUGH. NO MORE COATS. NO MORE!" and curled into a ball to sob:
Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow Swatch, fourth coat, aka Bailey

Then, just to cheer me up after the difficult day I had, I added some sparkle to my ring fingers with this "In The Spotlight" polish from the same line of Sally Hansen polishes:

.  i took this picture the next day, sorry for zee chips  .
It was ok. A little difficult to get a significant amount of those little holographic strips of glittery goodness onto the actual nail, but since I was only doing it as a single accent nail I battled through it.

Basically the gist of this whole thing is that the Mellow Yellow color is really pretty and springy - but you need to apply a buttload of coats of it before you'll stop seeing streaks and visible nail line. If you don't have time for that kind of thing, I'd advise you to not purchase any of the Hard As Nails XTreme Wear pastel polishes. In fact, I'd recommend you never buy any pastel polish, ever. That shit just simply streaks. Scientists - can you please explain why? Thanks!

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  1. You have much more patience that I do! That's crazy how many coats it took!

  2. I have that polish in baby blue and I totally agree! It takes 3 coats and that's for my toes where it's not as important to hide streaking. BTW I love your nail polish obsession. I never would have pegged you as the type!

  3. Ugh! I hear you.
    somehow i ended up with two bottles of mellow yellow - one is a creme and the other is more greenish and shimmery. I havd no idea why they made two versions- but i def dont need two of this one!

  4. it's a pretty color, but i could never handle doing 4 coats! eek!

  5. Omg how many coats? I get angry sometimes when you need to apply many coats to get the color right, but the color in the end is nice :)
    New follower from the nail files, hope you will check out my blog and maybe follow if you like it

  6. Four Coats!?!... brutal! Wow they should have stopped that before it went to production because that is a deal breaker for most of us.

    1. True. That. It's called quality control people! #GetSome.

  7. I have this color and have yet to use it! 4 coats! Yikes! Thanks for the heads up! It looks great though!

  8. Oh good heavens!! That was awful!! I really enjoyed your captions! Haha. I'd have wanted to cut a bitch too! I am renaming this "Hell no yellow" much more appropriate ;)


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