Monday, April 15, 2013

(Rainy) Vancouver in Bloom

All this flip-flopping between gorgeous sunny days and dreary rainy days is paying off... WE GOT FLOWERS!

A walk in the rain is now a lot more colorful of an occasion around here than it was a couple months ago - everything is blooming. Here's a taste of the Vancouver springtime flora on a recent rainy day walk:

flowers in vancouver
vancouver in bloom
cherry blossoms vancouver
.  there are cherry blossoms everywhere  .
flowers in vancouver

flowers in vancouver
.  these remind me of something dr. seuss-ish  .
flowers in vancouver

flowers in vancouver
statue with flowers in vancouver

flowers in vancouver

clovers in vancouver

bald eagle and its nest in vancouver
.  bald eagle upper right  .
.  his nest, lower left  .
.  canada, dead center  .
As much as I appreciate it in the rain, it obviously looks a lot better in the sunshine. I'll post pictures of sunny Vancouver in bloom soon :)

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  1. I love all those flowers! So pretty!! I can't wait for things to start blooming here! I need some color, and a little less brown. That's an awesome shot of the eagle too.


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