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Scoop! Frozen Yogurt in Vancouver

Our Kitsilano neighborhood in Vancouver has an incredible assortment of food and cuisines. Whether you're looking for sushi, Thai, coffee, Greek, burgers, breakfast, or Middle-Eastern, Kitsilano has you covered. Sometimes what you (read: I) really need is some dessssssert up in this bitch stomach, and it was that exact yearning that brought me to Scoop! recently. Twice. Well, that plus I found myself unable to eat solids for a few days, thanks to a certain wisdom tooth removal.

Here's the scoop with Scoop!

scoop frozen yogurt in vancouver
scoop frozen yogurt in kitsilano

It's a frozen yogurt shop on 4th Ave (between Maple and Arbutus) and it operates as sort of the "salad bar" of frozen yogurt shops. You choose your size and your yogurt flavor, and they'll use that important information to create your cup of frozen yogurt and then weigh your cup. From there, you're given free reign of their toppings bar. This is where shit gets especially awesome, because you get to add your own toppings.

And, oh my god, the toppings. 

scoop frozen yogurt toppings

To start, the beginning of the toppings bar at Scoop! is covered in tall jars of chocolate chips, yogurt chips, crushed Oreos, and M&Ms. Moving on to the smaller dishes of scoopable toppings, there were things like mini chocolate orange rolls, crushed almonds, mini chocolate chips...

mini chocolate orange rolls
... crushed graham crackers, Reeses Pieces, Whoppers... 

crushed graham crackers

... shredded coconut, crushed chocolate chip cookies, almond granola...

shredded coconut

... lychee jelly (I don't even know what that is!), Lucky Charms, gummy bears...

lychee jelly
They even had an assortment of fruity toppings: 
kiwi, mango, strawberries, blackberries, pineapple, and mango boba balls...

fruit toppings for frozen yogurt
At the end of the bar, there was an array of sauces in squeeze bottles (butterscotch, caramel, chocolate sauce, marshmallow, and probably four others as well), plus hot fudge and rainbow sprinkles.

After you pile on all of your delicious toppings, they weigh your final cup and charge you accordingly. Not a bad system!

I ordered salty caramel flavored frozen yogurt and added mini chocolate chips, graham cracker crumbs, Reeses Pieces, coconut, strawberries, chocolate sauce and rainbow sprinkles. Nom. Here's my final dish:
scoop frozen yogurt dish with toppings

As a lifelong, hardcore ice cream fanatic, I practically never eat frozen yogurt. I legitimately can't remember ever going out and ordering frozen yogurt anywhere before. Having had frozen yogurt twice in the last week from Scoop!, I can now say this awesome thing with certainty:  The taste of frozen yogurt reminds me of my Gram (my mom's mom)!  It's a memory that may have been lost otherwise, but tasting the light, refreshing, slightly sour flavor of frozen yogurt brought me back to my Gram's kitchen, eating vanilla frozen yogurt out of a plastic white bowl with red drawings on the sides - a typical dessert for us kids after finishing one of her delicious roast dinners. #Nostalgia #LoveMyGram :)

With the nostalgia factor AND the "I can put as many toppings on this dessert as I want to" factor, it is guaranteed that I'm going to be hitting up Scoop! pretty often this spring and summer!

Are you an ice cream person or a frozen yogurt person?

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