Tuesday, April 9, 2013

iTunes Genius Playlist: Female R&B Singers

I made an iTunes Genius playlist based off of Aaliyah's "We Need a Resolution" and ended up with a real class-SICK playlist that deserved to be shared. 

This primarily female list has includes so many solid throwbacks. I hope it brings back some memories or inspires you to YouTube or iTunes/Amazon your fav R&B ladies who you may not have listened to recently. Like since 1998.

1. Aaliyah - We Need a Resolution

2. Lauryn Hill (feat D'Angelo) - Nothing Even Matters

3. Brandy - Almost Doesn't Count (You may remember that this Brandy album only recently came back into my life in one of my thrifting in Vancouver blogs. You probably don't.)

4. TLC - Creep

5. Destiny's Child - Bills, Bills, Bills

6. SWV - Weak

7. Jill Scott - A Long Walk

8. Miguel - Quickie

9. Aaliyah - One in a Million

10. Mariah Carey - Breakdown (This was my g.d. JAM in middle school. Like, "singing to yourself in your room in front of your mirror with a brush as a mic" style.)

11. Mya - Case of the Ex (A cruise-around-Pittsfield-when-your-older-friends-had-their-licenses jam.)

12. Mary J. Blige - I'm Going Down

13. Brandy - Full Moon

14. Lauryn Hill -Ex-Factor

15. Erykah Badu - On & On

16. TLC - Red Light Special

17. Aaliyah - Try Again

18. Destiny's Child - Bug A Boo

19. Michael Jackson (feat Eve) - Butterflies (remix)

20. Janet Jackson - Anytime, Anyplace

21. Keyshia Cole - I Should've Cheated

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