Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Header for My Blog!


OH no biggie, I just had a brand new header designed for my blog. THAT'S ALL.

It's so exciting to have this new touch on top of my blog - the first thing that people see when they arrive at akaBailey.blogspot.com. About a month ago I started playing around in my paint programs, trying to create a header myself with my limited, juvenile graphic skills. What resulted was a word cloud banner - which is what was on top of my blog for the last few weeks.

But honestly... I hated it. The colors weren't right, the font was cheap looking, and I hated the fact that it looked like it was made by someone who had no graphic design skills. Which was accurate, because the most graphics experience I really have is putting my friend Nigel's face onto the bodies of the Jonas Brothers, like so:
jonas brothers
.  not bad though, right?  .
With my disdain for the stupid word cloud header growing by the day, I decided to do something very mature and grown-up:  I hired someone to make a header for me. Hoozah!

I turned to Crystal, who keeps the blog SweatShirtDressShirt. One of my favorite things about Crystal's blog is her graphics style - she puts such creative touches on her images! I knew she had a flare for putting an interesting spin on things, so she was the first and only person I reached out to, when it came to finding someone to design my blog's header for me. Actually I had no idea if she was even available to hire for freelancing, but thought there was no harm in asking. Lucky for me, she was interested!

After a few emails back and forth to answer questions about my personal style and images/colors I fancy, Crystal got to work putting together some ideas for me. She'd send me a couple of versions and I'd write her back with a few tweaks and she'd send me another couple versions. In nearly no time at all - it seems - she sent me a version that really pleased me. That is the version you see above!

It was a pleasure to work with Crystal and there's a good chance I'll reach out to her again in the future as I spruce up other parts of my blog space. Her SweatShirtDressShirt button is now firmly lodged in the right margin of my blog, if you want to click over to her and check her out. You can browse through her blogs and get inspired by her graphics too!

My blog space is still a work in progress, but it is slowly becoming something I'm more proud to call my own :)

What do you think of zee new lewk?

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I'm so glad we were able to work together to create a banner you're pleased with. It looks awesome at the top of your page! :)



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