Monday, April 8, 2013

I'm Obsessed with Bags

Confesssssssion:  Well I already confessed it in the title of the blog, sooo. Just read up there ^.'s got some tew-die-for bags for sale on their site.

If yew don't know, is an "outfit of the day" (more accurately a "3-4 outfits of the day") website that allows you to actually purchase the items that each model is wearing - from her hat to her jeans to the rings on her fingers to the kicks on her feet. AND THE BEAUTIFUL PURSE IN HER HANDS.

Here are some of the bags I've been drooling over but not actually purchasing: bags and purses

You'll notice I have a thing for minty colored stuff.

Straight zippers are so 2002.

  I think I actually said aloud, "Are you kidding me?" when I saw this purse. It's so cool!

This comes in a beige version as well as this mauve one.

Mmhmm, I'd take this bag on a vacation. And I'd treat it to a few lobstah dinnahs as well. bags and purses

This purse comes in both this super light lavender color and a very pale gold.

Studs on studs on studs.

The rusty color and mixed textures make this one super unique!

Like a boss.

Also comes in red/black/yellow/white/green/reddish-brown. The green is my fav!

This looks soft as shit.

If you sign up for using my specific link, it'll get me some "LookPoints" on their site. And when you get accumulate a certain number of LookPoints, they actually start giving you free cash to spend on their site. SO if you want to sign up for them via me, you can here:  Sign Up for No presh. 

What is your favorite site for purses/bags? Share that ishhh!

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