Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May's Draw By Night in Vancouver

On May 2 there was another Draw By Night meet up that I had the pleasure of attending. Before a month passes without me posting about it, here's a re-cap:

The theme of the evening was "Memory Theater" and was inspired by performance artist Cian Donnelly, whose work is...... fahkin creepy. Here's the short description of his work that was included on the Draw By Night event post:

"Donnelly's performances are a potent mix of costume, song and spoken word; expect nightmare lyricism and poetic horror."

Yeah. That was accurate. For this Draw By Night, we actually got to watch one of Donnelly's performances via webcam from his studio in Italy. After his terribly creepy performance (some of which you can watch here), he set up his cam (in full costume) to paint and draw along with us. His work reminded me a litttttle bit of artist John Frame, whose work I saw in an exhibit at the Portland Art Gallery last year.

Our drawings were to be loosely inspired by Donnelly's performance and artwork, so that made for some twisted and dark drawings in the room. Here was my doodle:

draw by night vancouver drawing 1

draw by night vancouver drawing 2
Then, as usual, I walked around the room and snapped some pictures of the other artists' drawings. And, as usual, they were all vastly superior to my own!

draw by night vancouver drawing 3

draw by night vancouver drawing 4

draw by night vancouver drawing 5

draw by night vancouver drawing 6

draw by night vancouver drawing 7

draw by night vancouver drawing 8
draw by night vancouver drawing 9
This was my third Draw By Night meet-up since moving here. The group meets bi-monthly in Vancouver, so we'll meet again in July to draw together and chit chat. It's a fun way to meet alllllll sorts of different people!

Check out the Draw By Night Facebook page to stay updated on future events!

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