Thursday, May 23, 2013

Why My Blog is Called "aka Bailey"

Maybe you're wondering. Maybe you're not.


For anyone curious from whence the blog name "aka Bailey" came, this shit's for you.

The name is sort of two-fold, because I am a writer and I prefer EVERYTHING to have layers. Onions, metaphors, inside jokes, outfits, haircuts, dip - give them to me with all of the layers.

Firstly and chiefly, my initials are B.A.K.A. Yes, I was blessed with two middle names and I'm not even afraid who knows it. I love both of them, but quite often just go by the "A" because most formal documents only allow space for one middle initial. Seems quite narrow-minded of them but hey, if we're saving paper and ink by only allowing space for one middle initial, then I suppose I'm down. (You know how much I support living green.) I've digressed.

So if you're with me here, you might see how I got all clever and took my "Bailey A.K.A." and flipped it to be "A.K.A. Bailey" instead. It just seemed like a waste not to spotlight this colloquialism, since it's IN my name, for god's sake.

Now this is a very little known fact, but "A.K.A." generally stands for "Also Known As."  Enter the second layer of this two-fold blog name!

It's meant to signify that I am a combination of many interests and influences that all describe one me. You'll see a bit of what I mean if you look closely at the header that's up at the top of my blog: nail painter, sister, artist, spell-checker, traveler, hip hop head, writer, doodler, eater, laugher, fitness lover, girlfriend, hiker... just to name a few thannnnngs that you could call me. To name a few more: Bail $, Blizz, Bleezy, Bay-Bay (or Bébé, depending on who is doing the spelling), Crunky, Poo (I don't want to talk about that last one... and this is the censored version of that nickname).

Or... as I'm also known... just "Bailey."

So there you go. I hope that was thrilling for you. How did you come up with YOUR blog name? I'd love to know!

ALSO - hear ye, hear ye - I finally made a Facebook page for my blog! GO LIKE IT OR I WILL DESTROY YOUR ENTIRE LIFE, ok?  :)

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  1. boom.

    1. Yessss!!!! Hahaha, such a great story behind yours. I always knew it was pronounced like Bob-log, for the record. ;)


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