Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Colors of the Rainbow (Making It A Blog TAG!)

Because I do what I want!

I saw the "Colors of the Rainbow" TAG videos going around YouTube and it seemed like a fun little challenge, so I wanted to make a blog version of it. Is that allowed? SEE IF I CARE.

Check out some of the random goodies that I'll be enjoying as the weather warms, around the Colors of the Rainbow theme:

Red is one of my least favorite colors, but I don't want to shun it completely from my life. For that reason, I'm happy to have a small accessory in the color, like this pair of aviator style glasses. I got these sunglasses a couple years ago from Forever21 for probably about $6. They are a classic shape and I like to wear them with a white t-shirt and blue jeans shorts.

red aviator glasses from forever21
For this color, we have a tie! The first orange item is my Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream. It's become a staple in my nail routine and I do think that it's helped to improve the look of my cuticles. It contains apricot oil, which I've read is good for your cuticles, but I don't know why. After I massage this shit into my nails and fingertips, they immediately look more hydrated - it even makes my nail polish apply better!

sally hansen cuticle massage cream

The second orange item is my..... wait for it..... Nerf Turbo whistle spiral football. YUP I'VE GOT ONE. It's the world's most excellent toy and one that stays with me through every move. Technically it's only half orange, but there was no way in hell I was going to leave it off this list. No way. Dave and I have already gotten use out of it down on our beach this season.

nerf turbo whistle football

The whistle aspect is awesome. They don't make 'em like this anymore. No, I mean it - as far as I can tell, they literally do not make these Nerf whistle footballs anymore at all. It's an actual relic - the year 1989 is even imprinted on it!

nerf turbo spiral whistle football, 1989 parker brothers

Here's something totally random and partially inappropriate. This neon yellow sports bra is part of my new (and growing) collection of Forever21 sports bras. In the last 6 months or so, Forever21 has started coming out with more activewear - in other words taking two of my top interests (Forever21 and fitness) and making them exist in the same place for me. Hooooozah. I've got three other colors in this style as well and they're all bright and fantastic (light blue, neon orange/pink, and mint).

yellow forever21 sports bra

It's my Clump Crusher LastBlast mascara from Covergirl! I love this stuff. I don't have too terribly much to say about it because the product does what the name indicates and leaves your shit clump-free. That's one of my top criteria for mascara... it should be one of yours, too. I've already gone through one tube of it and am now on my second. It's my go-to and I use it just about every day.

covergirl lashblast mascara, clump crusher

It's another tie, although both of these blue products are lip balms. The first one is my Eos sweet mint lip balm, which seems to be my favorite of my Eos lip balms for no real good reason, since they're all essentially the same thing as far as I know. The second is my Maybelline Baby Lips balm in Quenched.  I use each of these balms pretty much daily.

sweet mint eos lip balm, maybelline baby lips quenched lip balm
maybelline baby lips quenched lip balm and eos sweet mint lip balm

This was one of my recent purchases from one of Vancouver's Salvation Army stores - a short sleeved indigo shirt covered with small white polka dots. It's got a mock turtle-neck type of high neck line, ruched shoulders, and three adorable buttons going up the back of the neck. Its weighty material and high neck make it perfect for summer evenings around here when it will still get a little chilly.

indigo shirt with white polka dots

These are two brand new polishes that I felt my stash needed because I don't have very many purples. The first is totally a Barney purple from Sinful Colors, called Amethyst. I haven't used it yet but in swatches it appears to be shimmer-free and quite opaque. The second purple polish is one that I could have sworn I owned already... but in double checking I realized I must have just seen this polish in stores a million times without ever actually purchasing it. Once it became apparent that it wasn't a part of my pastel collection, I went out and bought it. You might be asking why on eaaaaarth I'd buy another Sally Hansen pastel polish from this Hard As Nails XTreme Wear line, based on my luck with their pastels in the past. To that I'd say... Gahhhh I don't know!! The color drew me in!! I'm assuming this polish will be just as difficult to work with as the others, but I'm going to use it anyway ;) This one is called Lacey Lilac.

sinful colors amethyst nail polish and sally hansel lacey lilac nail polish

In addition to your standard ROY G. BIV colors, the Colors of the Rainbow Tag also includes a pink item and a multi-colored item, SEW... Sewprise! Keep readin.

I was raving about this pink cardigan earlier this week in my Thrift Store Finds blog. I've been wearing it at least once a week for the last several weeks:

pink herringbone cardigan

I bought this vintage flower print dress on my very first shopping trip after we moved to Portland in early 2012. It was in one of Portland's ubiquitous "boutiques" - a place called Red Light Clothing Exchange on Hawthorne, which is a popular street for cool stuff in general. Tuck that into your "When I'm in Portland" boot.

floral dress
I had a ton of fun going through my apartment to find items for this Colors of the Rainbow blog! I'd love to see YOUR Roy B. Biv goodies, so I tag YOU to do this blog as well!

To name a few specifics, I tag:

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