Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tulip Bouquet to Pretty Up the Apartment

There is a market half a block from my apartment that has the most beautiful flowers for sale. The owners of Kits Food Mart take time each day to cover their entire storefront with rows and rows of bouquets, potted plants, orchids, and seasonal flowers.

It's an irresistible display for many passers-by -  too beautiful to walk past without stopping in to purchase something pretty to take home. I know this because each day from my apartment I see plenty of people walking by carrying the market's trademark carefully wrapped flower bundles.

I've purchased some plants from the market in the past - it's where I bought both of our lemon cypress trees - and now that it's springtime, I've become one of the many people around here who love to pop into Kits Food Mart to buy fresh flowers. It's such an easy way to add some cheer to different corners of the home.

Last week I picked out 3 different bundles of tulips (pink, light purple and a darker purple), as well as some other pretty purple buds to mix in, and then brought them home to put them all together. This bouquet has been living next to my work desk ever since!

purple and pink tulips

tulips bouquet

tulips in a vase

Some quick tips from someone who doesn't know toooo terribly much about plants or flowers:
  • First, hold your flowers up against your vase to eyeball how much length you need to cut off so the flowers sit at the height you want them to.
  • Cut all of your stems at an angle.
  • Remove all leaves below the water line.
  • Mix a little bit of sugar into your water before you add your flowers.
  • Find someone better than me to teach you the very best way to "arrange" the flowers. I can't help you there. 
Are you filling your home with flowers this spring? What's your favorite flower for the home?

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  1. love flowers!

  2. Love these flowers! Great tips! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  3. So pretty! You arranged these so beautifully....
    Flowers can really brighten up any space!

    Stella + Charlie

  4. How pretty!

    1. Today is the day I had to throw them away! :(


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