Saturday, May 4, 2013

Forever21 vs Urban Outfitters: Lollipop Polish Dupe-Off

Apparently I've got a big hang-up on the two Urban Outfitters nail polishes I bought back in the fall, because they seem to keep coming up in my blogs. Here we go again.

I was in Forever21 in Vancouver recently - surprise, surprise - and as I waited in line for the register (with an absolutely G.D. adorable summery dress, by the way), they totally "got" me with the bins of stuff in the checkout line.

Is anyone else a total sucker for that shit near the registers? Why am I even asking, I know that you are. We all are. It's (social) science.

What caught my eye was thissss little guy - a pinky-lilac based polish with tons of blue, red, silver, green, and yellow glitter, which came in both tiny little round glitter specks and slightly larger hexagonal specks.

pink icing nail polish
.  pink icing by love & beauty  .
SOUND FAMILIAR? If so, it's because it's almost the same exact description that I used to describe Lollipop, the Urban Outfitters polish I was raving about back in October.

urban outfitters lollipop nail polish
.  lollipop by urban outfitters  .
So I decided to snag this Love & Beauty brand polish - adorably called Pink Icing - just to see how it stacked up against Lollipop. A Dupe-Off, if you will. ("Oh lawd Jesus, it's a dupe-off!") Here are my conclusions:

lollipop nail polish and pink icing nail polish

First I applied a base coat and a coat of white polish to all of my nails. Knowing how sheer Lollipop is, I wanted to make sure I had an opaque base for these swatches.

On my left hand I then applied two coats of Love & Beauty's Pink Icing...

pink icing nail polish swatch outside
.  pink icing outside  .
pink icing nail polish swatch inside
.  pink icing inside  .
And on my right hand I applied two coats of Lollipop:

lollipop nail polish swatch outside
.   lollipop outside  .
lollipop nail polish swatch outside close up
.  lollipop outside close-up  .
lollipop nail polish swatch inside
.  lollypop inside  .
lollipop nail polish by urban outfitters vs pink icing nail polish by love and beauty
As you can see, Lollipop has much more glitter than Pink Icing. Specifically, it has a LOT more of the larger hexagonal glitter, which gives it a much chunkier feel. Pink Icing is a lot more concerned with being "pink polish-y" than with being the headliner of Glitter Fest 2K13. It's also got a much more opaque base than Lollipop.

So the Forever21 version is not exactly a dupe, but these polishes are sort of like first cousins. The Love & Beauty version was $3.80 CAD, and the Urban Outfitters was originally $6, but I bought two of them at the time at 2-for-$8. So at nearly identical prices, you might as well go for the one that has a buttload of glitter in it.

I said back in October that Lollipop reminded me a lot of those old school plastic clown/balloon cake toppers from back in the day, whereas Pink Icing appropriately reminds me more of the frosted animal crackers you can find in stores nowadays:

frosted animal crackers
.  pic from flickr  .
Sidebar, here is the dress I bought that day at Forever21 - I can't wait to find a reason to wear it this summer:

white dress with blue flowers from forever21

white fabric with blue flowers

Which one of these lilac-y, glittery polishes do you prefer?

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  1. I've been wanting to get a color like this! It looks super fun, especially for summertime. Even though I like both of these shades, I would have to go for the Urban Outfitters one. I love how it has a LOT of large chunky glitter pieces. :)


    Unfortunately, that's not my lemon tree. I wish I had one, though!

    1. You might still be able to find the Urban Outfitters one in some stores!

  2. I like the one with the smaller glitter pieces. That dress is beautiful!


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