Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Clothes from Forever21 and Target

Spring and summer make me want to shop.


At 28 years old I still have yet to out-grow Forever21 - I can always find something there that I love - so I've definitely been hitting up their location on Robson St. in Vancouver for some warm-weather stoooooof to put on me body. We also took a trip to the States last weekend for some bulk shopping in Bellingham, WA, so I got some thangs from the Forever21 and Target stores there, too. There is no Target in Vancouver yet, but several of them did just open across BC earlier this month.

Here's what I've been accumulating from Forever21 stores over the last month or so:

forever21 spring summer purchases
1. Big, loose grey cotton tank for workouts - $5.80
2. A pair of long black leggings NOT for workouts (all of my other leggings are for working out in! Figured I should have one pair that's not for fitness) - $6.80
3. Another big loose comfy tank for working out in - $6.80 (it's exactly like the grey one, I don't know why it cost $1 more) (OH wait, it's because I bought the pink one in Canada and the grey one in the US)
4. Simple khaki cotton shorts - $11.80
5. Basic brown cami (on my receipt I see this color is referred to as "Pine Bark" - hah!) - $3.80
6. Black waist belt with gold/black buckle (see below for detailed pic) - $4.80
7. Adorable little silver heart ring (see below) - $1.80 (in other words, my finger WILL be green after I wear this)
8. Thin leopard print waist belt (see below) - $3.80
9. Basic sage green cami - $2.80
10. Navy and cream checkered long-sleeve button up. This looks heavy in the picture, but it's actually very light and even a bit sheer. I can't wait to wear it!! - $23.80

forever21 leopard belt and black belt
.  me new belts  .
silver heart ring from forever21
. ♡ .
Not pictured above are this colorful pair of sunglasses that I've been rocking! These were $5.80:

tropical forever21 sunglasses
.  tropical island party ON MY FACE  .

Before getting to my Target stuff, I have to take a moment to confess that I also bought something at Wet Seal. I'm not proud of where I got this bathing suit.... but I am quite proud of the suit itself. This minty-teal bikini is SO FREAKING PERFECT:

mint bikini from wet seal

The suit was sold in separates and was on sale for "Buy one, get one half off," so both pieces together only cost about $21 (plus tax). Love that it comes with the option of putting straps on it because a completely strapless suit would be a big step for me. #NotSexyEnoughForStrapless

Moving on to Target! I don't usually get many clothing items at Target because typically when we travel from Vancouver to Bellingham for a shopping trip it's to buy a TON of non-perishable food, bath, and home goods. But I mean, #LETSBEHONEST - I'm not going to spend an hour and a half (or more) in the car to get to a Target without looking at their clothes a littttttle bit while I'm there.

I picked up three pairs of shorts:  A light-colored denim pair with white crochet detail on the sides and two pairs of "board shorts" (which I like to wear with my bathing suit). Sidebar: Anyone else feel like rocking a bathing suit in public is exactly like wearing your underwear in public? Because I have a bit of a complex about the entire thing, and wearing board shorts over my bathing suit bottoms helps me feel a little more normal about being otherwise nearly-nude in public.

The denim shorts were probably around $20 and the board shorts were $14.99 each.

denim shorts with crochet on side from target, board shorts from target
.  summertiiiiiime and the swimming's easy with board shorts to make you feel like you're not naked in front of strangers and/or friends  .
denim shorts with crochet on side from target
.  these shorts are everywhere this season  .
.  do not be fooled into buying an expensive version from some fancy store  .
I also grabbed this hat from Target, which was on sale for 20% off of its $12.99 price tag. Head sunburns are no joke, people.

summer hat from target
.  protect ya neck head  .

So I know that seemed like a lot of stuff, but keep in mind these purchases were spread out over a couple of months!

Does the thought of warm weather make you go a little nuts-stuff-off-the-walls when it comes to new clothes? What is your favorite new item for the spring and summer?

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