Monday, May 27, 2013

TONS of Thrifting Finds

I've been super slacking on posting the bevvy of thrift store goodies that I've been picking up over the last couple of months. From t-shirts to picture frames to tiny mirrors, the Salvation Army stores in Vancouver have been doing the trick for me. WANNA SEE??

The pattern on this simple tee kind of reminds me of dragon scales. I needed some more patterns in my wardrobe; I wear a LOT of single-color shirts. This shirt may have still had its original tag on it when I got it from Salvay: 

blue and beige scale patternend tshirt, from salvation army vancouver
.  $2.99  .
I was in a totally Boston-loving mood when I scooped up this tee a few weeks ago (but really who am I kidding? I'm always in a Boston-loving mood)... Super pleased to spot a Harvard tshirt in the middle of a Vancouver, BC thrift store:
harvard tshirt, from salvation army vancouver
.  $2.99  .

So I got this next tee fully OK with the fact that I had no clue what this logo was for. I just LOVED the different shades of light blue and the fit/feel of this tee. After a shit ton of Googling, I now know that this logo is for a brand of apparel called Matix and their "slogan" (or whatever) is "From the Ground Up" - which leads me to believe that what I thought was an eagle head is actually a phoenix.  You might have already known that by looking at it, but perhaps I've just got eagles on the brain.

light blue Matix tshirt, from salvation army vancouver
.  $2.99  .
This little number jumped out at me because it looked too nice to be chilling in a Salvay rack. Although, I guess I'm always pleasantly surprised by the great things I find at the Vancouver Salvation Army stores. This indigo mock turtle-neck shirt is a nice, substantial fabric but its short sleeves keep it warm weather appropriate. It'll actually be perfect for Vancouver spring/summer evenings because the temperature still gets a bit chilly at night. It didn't look like it had ever been worn before, and I love the cinching around the neck and sleeves.

indigo mock turtle neck shirt with polka dots, from salvation army vancouver
And look at these adorable little details! Buttons down the back of the neck and a keyhole!

blue shirt with white polka dots, keyhole and buttons, from salvation army vancouver

These are some casual shorts I found - they're loose and comfy and not too short. It's hard to find shorts that fall between "Mom length" and "hoe length" these days, #AMIRIGHTLADIES?

navy blue shorts with waist tie and buttons, from salvation army vancouver
.  $4.99  .
I like that they have a tie at the waist, and the flap pockets on the back give me a little more junk 'n the trunk. Ain't nothin' wrong with that.
dark blue shorts with waist tie and pocket flaps, from salvation army vancouver

This small sun mirror actually jumped off of the shelf at me like a freaking ninja star and poked me in the face while shouting, "YOU CAN BRING ME HOME AND PAINT ME WHATEVER COLOR YOU WANNA!!!!" I was forced to oblige. You'll see that project soon in a blog, sew stay tewned.
{Update: See what I did with the sun mirror here!}

sun mirror, from salvation army vancouver
Still on the lookout for glass bottles to use as vases, I was TOTES thrilled to spot this little gem on the top shelf in the back of the store. You should have seen the way I snatched it off the shelf - like I was really worried that someone else might come along and grab it before me.

blue glass bottle, from salvation army vancouver

Just like with the bright blue pot I bought for our lemon cypress tree, I am excited to put something bright green into this blue bottle.

Finally, here's what has become my favorite thrift store find as of late - a bubble gum pink cardigan! I wear this all the time now - especially with the sleeves rolled up. I love the herringbone detail on the front and the way it looks/feels a little bit retro - possibly an 80s or early 90s sweater?

pink herringbone cardigan, from salvation army vancouver
.  cheese!  .
That's just about all of the thrift store thannngs I've scooped up recently, but stay tuned for more fun stuff from Forever21 and Target soon!

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  1. What great finds!!! I love that little heart ring- how cute!

  2. I *love* a good thrift store round-up! Nice finds! (Esp the Harvard shirt and the blue bottle :)

  3. Great stuff!!! I especially love the mirror!

  4. great finds - love that sweater too. looks like you're a good treasure hunter!

  5. Fun stuff-thrifting is the best!

  6. Super cute stuff! Love the mirror too... I would do autumn colors I think for our house.
    Love me a great goodwill find! :)


    1. Oooh girl I've got autumn on the brain right now too. It's my favorite season!


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