Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sweat Roundup of the Week!

When I began my blog back in October 2012, many of my posts were about my workouts and the things I was doing at the gym throughout the week. At some point, those types of posts just dwindled - mostly because I figured that no one wanted to read them.

However, I recently decided that it was actually good for me, personally, to write my workouts out "in the open" in a blog. While I've kept detailed logs of my workouts in a document on my computer for years, I'm pretty sure it'll do some degree of good for me, accountability-wise, to post my weekly workouts here too.

SEW! Here's what I've done with myself at the gym this past week - and you can click on most of these exercises for a demo of what they are (if you don't know already):

5/20 (lower body)
5 mins elliptical
40 bridges
40 "inch steps" from bridge position
30 deadlifts, 15 lbs each hand
60 side lunges + plyometric pushoff, 30 each side
40 static lunges, 20 each leg
40 calf raises, 15 lbs each hand
40 bridges
40 "inch steps" from bridge position
30 deadlifts, 15 lbs each hand 

5/23 (upper body and abs)
25 mins elliptical
12 overhead press, 12.5 lbs each hand
15 deltoid flys, 7.5 lbs each hand
40 weighted side bends, 12.5 lbs each hand, 20 each side
15 tricep kickbacks, 7.5 lbs each hand
on exercise ball, 12.5 lbs each hand
15 deltoid raises, 7.5 lbs each hand
1:00 swimmers
50 alternating medicine ball flys (prone) holding 4 lb medicine ball 

5/24 (lower body and abs)
10 mins elliptical
20 deadlifts, 20 lbs each hand
20 calf raises, 20 lbs each hand
40 static lunges, 20 each leg
40 dynamic side planks, 20 each side
40 bridges
- 1:10 plank
- 30 cobras
50 alternating medicine ball flys (prone) holding 4 lb medicine ball 

5/25 (upper body)
20 mins biking, 5 miles
12 chest press on exercise ball, 15 lbs each hand
15 deltoid flys, 7.5 lbs each hand
:30 plank
12 bicep curls, 10 lbs each hand
15 tricep extensions on exercise ball, 7.5 lbs each hand
:30 plank
15 deltoid raises, 7.5 lbs each hand
:30 plank

I don't want to speak too soon, but I may make this a weekly thing on Sundays - outlining all of my workouts from the last 7 days. 

Are you into working out? I am in general, but also have the added incentive of getting as fly as possible for my date as a bridesmaid in my friend Jenna's wedding in August. I'd love to hear what your favorite online fitness resources are!

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  1. Congrats! Seems like you had really great workouts to be proud of. I do cardio 3 times a week and do yoga or pilates 2-3 times a week. I love yoga the most; it is so relaxing, yet challenging!

    xox Lara


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